Are your electrics safe?

If your property was built more than 25 years ago, its probably time to take some time to check your electrical system. Your system could have been upgraded, but it’s likely it may need to be replaced. If you would like someone to have a look at your electrics in your home or business, then we offer a free no obligation inspection.

Our electrical engineers have the experience to assess if you need an upgrade or not. Why not get in touch on 07545 139 817 to arrange an assessment.

Why do I need a rewire?

Some people may rewire their home or business because they are renovating and this the best time to upgrade your electrical wiring as you will potentially need to get everything up to the latest regulations so you can pass the work off as safe.

Others just want to rewire  for peace of mind. Old or faulty electrics can lead to fires or electric shock so its important to ensure all wiring is safe and up to standards.

What’s involved?

We will fully rewire your home to eliminate any potential problems and ensure all old wiring is removed and replaced with modern, safe and certificated wiring and equipment.

We will route all your new cables from your new consumer unit right around the property trying to conceal them in walls, under floors and anywhere that can safely be used to conceal cables.

  • Cables will be terminated at every electrical outlet throughout the property for safety

  • Routing cables involves lifting carpets and floorboards and chasing into the walls.
  • It is a big project and we will need to work in every room in the property
  • We will ensure we keep everything as tidy as possible but we do advise there could be a little mess when chasing into walls.

Work With Us.

If you are an Electrical Contractor or builder and wish to use our fast and efficient rewire services as a partner, then please get in touch.